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Here we are in 2021. The Garden Season is now underway.

Turned over the compost in the gardens before the Spring rains come to soak the over winter nutrients in. This makes things flourish. Needed nitrogen from the rain storms gives the compost the boost! Thus, getting the compost opened up on the garden fields is the task at hand.


I don't have a PTO tiller . . yet. So, the Poulan Pro (Cub Cadet) walk behind does take time. But it's worth it.

Indoor green house is packed with seedlings. Outdoor green house is waiting for the high winds to subside.

Peas, carrots, onions, spinach, etc are going in this weekend in the frost protected garden.

Love to see how others are doing.
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So, I'll back up a tad ...

1st, dump compost starting in the Fall thru the Winter on several garden plots.
Compost = livestock daily dung. 3X per day with pitchfork and wheelbarrow

Just one site of many. This garden plot is 250ftx50.

So, rain, ice, snow, freeze and thaw works on these dumped heaps for a few months.

In the Spring when the ground just starts to soften and the rains have not started, we disc.

And we disc again! This one is 2 acres.

And we disc again,

Almost there, the compost gets finer. Add a few more slabs atop the disc harrow.


By now I've done 3X passes on each garden plot. Now the fun begins.
The Poulan Pro / Cub Cadet rear tine tiller comes out, and I walk behind for HOURS. Someday, I might get me a PTO tiller! The Yanmar OE tiller is an RC1702 or an RS1701.

When done, it is nice fine powder with sprinkles on top.

The heavy machine work is now done.
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