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2005 Mustang Concept Car

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I was at the NACE show this weekend and in Fords booth, they had a working prototype of the 2005 Mustang. Two words: BAD ASS!!

The front end reminds me of a 67 mustang, but the back end reminds me of vintage Stingrays. It is sleek. The door jambs are made from highly polished aluminum and look awesome. The seats were red and black leather buckets and it is a two seater.

Look out.

My boss took some pics. I will see if I can get my hands on his camera.
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Close....but not quite. It is sleeker. It has more back to front tilt. The doors don't have handles (actuators from remote). It really is impressive. The artist renderings don't do it justice. The car is plain out cool.
Best one yet

I like it they had'nt made a Mustang that looked that good since the early 70s IMOA:thumbsup:
The ford website ( actually has a flashing pic of it in their header. It is the same gray prototype that was at the show.

One of the guys their was saying it was to push 350hp+. Whoa!!
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