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I post this list only to show how we all need to be careful out there. With big machines, big animals and sometimes working 16 or more hours in a day, it gets hard to prevent all accidents, but we all need to try.

Kansas 2004 Farm Accidents

Date County Sex Age Death Cause of Accident

1/9/2004 Stevens Male 35 Yes Clothes became entangled in cotton gin.
1/15/2004 Pratt Male 55 No Using cutting torch; hot iron fell on arm.
1/17/2004 Rooks Male 41 Yes Clothes entangled in feedwagon beaters.
1/20/2004 Dickinson Male 73 Yes Tractor shifted into reverse crushing him.
1/21/2004 Montgomery Male 80 Yes Unloading bull from truck.
2/19/2004 Ellsworth Male 71 No Lifting hay w/ tractor. Hay caught fire/fell on him.
2/20/2004 Ellis Male 77 No Tractor roll over.
2/26/2004 Cherokee Male 88 Yes Overcome while trying to extinguish field fire
2/26/2004 Saline Male 32 No Herbicide sprayer collided with a train.
3/15/2004 Pratt Male 66 No Digger caught wire and broke his leg.
3/17/2004 Pratt Male 25 No Tractor slipped gears and ran over him.
3/17/2004 Comanche Male 78 No Loading cattle from pasture.
3/21/2004 Reno Female 55 No Checking calf when cow attacked her.
5/13/2004 McPherson Male No Attacked by bull while fixing fence.
5/29/2004 Lyons Male 65 Yes Started tractor in gear, surged backward crushing
6/5/2004 Butler Female 2 Yes Fell off tractor/ran over by brush hog.
6/15/2004 Stanton Male 6 Yes Fell out of tractor cab/ran over.
6/16/2004 Stafford Male 26 Yes Mechanical bailer arm crushed his chest.
6/30/2004 Reno Female 2 No Backed over by a tractor.
7/9/2004 Dickinson Male 65 No Hit bridge guardrail, fell into creek and was
7/9/2004 Pottawatomie Male 12 No Top portion gave way; fell into running machinery.
8/20/2004 Pottawatomie Male 81 Yes Tractor rolled on him when he got off to close the
8/28/2004 Sedgwick Male 56 No Tractor rolled on him while navigating an incline.
9/19/2004 Dickinson Male 51 Yes Tractor overturned while removing a tree stump.
9/27/2004 Coffey Male 57 Yes Tractor overturned while mowing an incline.
10/3/2004 Phillips Male 78 Yes Tractor rolled down a hill, dragging victim.
11/15/2004 Woodson Female 80 Yes Thrown off back of tractor while on roadway.

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While all of the above are bad, the two that really have no excuse no matter what anyone says.
6/5/2004 Butler Female 2 Yes Fell off tractor/ran over by brush hog.
6/15/2004 Stanton Male 6 Yes Fell out of tractor cab/ran over.

Sure we all like tpo take the kid or grandkids for a ride on the "tractor" but for gods sake a ride is one thing but don;t do it while bush hogging or utilizing an implement, and thn they still should have a seat belt like the operator does........and I have not seen many machines with two seats and seat belts..Its just heart breaking especially with those two.....Even an enclosed cab is not safe..........I know it may be hard to resist taking the youngins for a much wanted ride.........

Seems like old farts don;t need to be fooling with livestock either.........yea, my suggestions and coments are easier said than done....we have all been there and done that more than likely, but it really makes you think.
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