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2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige

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i bit the bullet and am buying a 2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige.

i was wondering about the cab? i dont know if they re worth it or not, ive heard some say they are a waste of time and others say they are good.. any opinions would be appreciated...

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If I had to blow snow in ND, I would have a heated enclosure but here in Chicago, just too pricey for the limited truly cold weather we have. However, I noticed one really neat thing in your picture. That was some type of device to adjust the snow deflector chute from inside the cab. Was this part of the cab or a special extra you put on your tractor? I have the single stage thower on my X485 instead of the two-stage one you have.
I have spent a few winters in ND on business and quite frankly, Fargo is the Florida of ND compared to Bismarck!;) But both are toasty compared to Minot or Williston!:cry: I'll check out that attachment for the chute since it would be a handy addition to my snowthrowing arsenal. My dealer never mentioned it was available when I first bought the blower for my 425 or bought the retrofit kit for my X485. That is why I made the point about the 2-stage versus the single stage in case it was only available for the former.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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