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2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige

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i bit the bullet and am buying a 2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige.

i was wondering about the cab? i dont know if they re worth it or not, ive heard some say they are a waste of time and others say they are good.. any opinions would be appreciated...

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Snow cabs

I've been plowing snow with a Deere 316 since 1979 and bought a blower this summer for the front of the same tractor. I've been out in sleet, snow, dark, wind, whiteout blizzard conditions and wished I had a cab many many times. I would think blowing is worse as far as being pelted with snow, ice, wind etc. My only concern would be fogging up inside. and it would ABSOLUTELY HAVE an electric wiper blade for the outside.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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