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2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige

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i bit the bullet and am buying a 2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige.

i was wondering about the cab? i dont know if they re worth it or not, ive heard some say they are a waste of time and others say they are good.. any opinions would be appreciated...

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Sno cab????? We don't need no stinking snow cabs!!!!


I have never used one. I also would be worried about visibility. Probably works great when its not snowing, but when it is really coming down, it would puddle similar to a windshield???
Thats just plain out nasty weather. We get cold weather, but you guys get slammed pretty often with nasty wind chills and temps.

We get some nasty noreasters up here in N.E., but I would guess they are a cakewalk compared to what you folks see.

I guess the reason why its such a big deal up here is that when we get slammed, NY city, Boston, Hartford and all other New England cities come to a stand still. Our population is much more concentrated which creates traffic jams, airport closures, etc. It snarls up everything from businesses, the stock markets, etc. etc. But I wouldn't trade living in New England for anything.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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