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2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige

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i bit the bullet and am buying a 2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige.

i was wondering about the cab? i dont know if they re worth it or not, ive heard some say they are a waste of time and others say they are good.. any opinions would be appreciated...

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Somewhat related. I purchased a canopy for my walk behind two years ago. Best thing I ever did. Anyone that has used a blower can tell you the spray is unforgiving. And if you wear glasses, like me, you’ll never see clearly past 5 feet. My neighbors joked about me and my “phone booth” -- that was until we got that 2+ footer last year and 6 foot drifts sculpted by an relentless wind from the north. AAHH – no one was laughing after that one – I still recall one neighbor looking like frosty the man when he got finished with his drive.:winky:

Bottom line, they are well worth the investment in my book. You need only to be slapped in the face by a wall of blowing snow once to understand the true value of such an option… My 2 cents – wouldn’t leave the garage without it!:lmao:

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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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