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2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige

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i bit the bullet and am buying a 2 stage 42" blower unit for my prestige.

i was wondering about the cab? i dont know if they re worth it or not, ive heard some say they are a waste of time and others say they are good.. any opinions would be appreciated...

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I have just gotten a Curtis cab, glass front window, side and back are vinyl/plastic. Had enough snow the other day to try it out, didn't figure I'd need the side doors. 90 seconds later I was back in the shop putting them on. I also had to run the windshield wiper constantly. I was surprised at that, using a walkbehind with the plastic cover the snow doesn't seem to stick so why does it stick so to the glass? Bottom line, I can't imagine not having a cab, even in a light wind and with the front window I was covered with snow in seconds. (I also had to put the chains on as the snow was real wet and slick.)


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I guess my new picture went to never never land, I'll try again.

Its custom fit, they make many models for other brands and models. These run around $1500 new, or, you can get the hard sided ones for around $2700. I got it used for $750, not expensive if you use it for 15 years and then sell it for $700. Curtis has a web side, they do accessories too.


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I'll splain it now and post a picture later. I'd meant to mention it in the original post.

The front section isn't all one piece, the windshield and legs that go down around the hood are separate from the corners, and hinged near the top. Just lift it up and there's a rod to hold it up. The back cover is held on by snaps, so one could, in theory, unhook the top half and fold it down if you needed more fresh air!!
The sides used to fit so tight against the tractor side covers that it was a bit of a struggle, so I cut off 1/4 inch from each side. The gasket isn't glued on so I pulled it loose, did the cutting and put the gasket back on. Takes about 5 seconds now.

If one had nothing else to do, it wouldn't be all that hard to build one. That had been my plan until I stumbled across this one.
DeereBob - Why, what have you been hearing about ND winters?? Vicious rumors I assure you.

The snow deflector setup is a stock JD item. It would usually mount on a bracket off the tractor frame, but with the cab in the way, I just drilled a hole and mounted it directly on the cab. I added the angle brace that you maybe can see to give that long shaft some support. Cost $85 for the "kit", although it then listed other parts that you would have needed had I wanted to mount it the regular way. It does work well, sofar.

After I'd done it, I was talking to the JD salesman that had sold me the tractor. He mentioned there's a business in town (Fargo) that has electric cylinders that work very well for that application. Cost around $125. It's called "Motion Industries Inc", and they have a web page, several locations. I haven't gotten in there yet but you might check it out. I couldn't find the cylinders on the web page, might have to call them.
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Oh:whine: You've actually been here - Never mind then.

The chute on my snowblower was predrilled at the factory for the mounting brackets. The way I found out about it was a display they had on the showroom floor. I suspect its a one size fits all deal. I'll see if I still have the number for it in case you can't find it.

Actually, we're equal opportunity. There's times when it's much warmer in the western parts of the state too.
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