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1952 Ferguson TO-30: Will not start

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I am restoring a 1952 Ferguson TO-30. I have reassembled the tractor and when I went to start it for the first time, it would not start, then it shot fire out of the carbonator.

We have confirmed that there is spark.

Help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Sounds like timing , check your ignition timing assuming you got the valve timing correct
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Are you aware that 4 stroke engine has two dead centers..TDC.. in the completion of a firing cycle? So at TDC on the timing mark the firing cycle could be at the top of the compression stroke or the top of the exhaust stroke. You have to check for it being set to the correct one by watching the valves cycle or checking for pressure being pushed out of the spark plug hole as the piston comes up on the compression stroke.
Make sure your carburetor is getting good gas, check compression and make sure when you put your hand over carb it tries to pull it in. Check spark wire’s make sure they are not mixed up and the wire goes to the proper spark plug. If all fails check all timing and make sure everything is proper.
So by what I said above I am basically asking are you sure the distributor is timed correctly?
The rotor in the distributor cap should be pointing to the no. 1 spark plug wire at TDC on Compression Stroke , if it is then you can tweak it and get it to the preferred timing mark with a timing light after getting it to run.
If you list everything you did to the engine you will get more specific tips on what to look for . if your restoration included complete engine rebuild i would get a service manual and verify timing , valve tappet clearance, firing order , point gap , spark advance ETC. before you attempt to start again to avoid breaking something .I'm not sure but I think the spark advance is controlled by weights inside the distributer on this engine.
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