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  1. Ford / New Holland
    Ford 545, owned for a year This might sound strange, but can power steering fluid leak from the water pump weeping hole? Power steering quits working. Checked power steering pump, empty, dry, no fluid. Filled up the power steering pump, ran the tractor. Next time I go out there, empty again...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    My 545 started leaking power steering fluid late last year (I bought it last spring). With my lack of mechanical knowledge, I just put new steering fluid in it and it worked just fine, until the next time I ran the tractor. Adding steering fluid to the pump was the band aid that I used when I...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hi, I am new to the group. Recently I purchased a friends MF1130 Diesel, always drove Allis D-17-15's before this. The MF is a great used tractor, but the water pump failed. I have been unable to locate a video anywhere depicting the removal of this pump. Seems like I have half my engine off and...
1-3 of 3 Results