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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Went to start tractor and saw that glow plug light did not illuminate. Glow plug light has come on every engine start so was a bit concerned. Turned switch to "glow plug" and held for appx 10 seconds then turned key to start. Starter did not engage. Thought was low battery so tried to jump from...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a brand new T25 that ran for about 2 hours then stalled and will only run briefly then stop. I found that whenever I start it it blows a 7.5 amp fuse. The fuse is labeled “E/G STOP”. Can anyone tell me where i can check to correct this. I have no idea what E/G STOP indicates. Thanks!
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    RK55 (TYM tractor) with Yanmar engine I understand the auto vs stationary regen difference. My dash is indicating a stationary regen is needed and the ACK button is flashing. I parked the tractor after warming up, went into neutral, applied the parking brake, set rpm to idle and pressed the...
  4. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello All! I have a subcompact TYM tractor. Just completed the 150hr servicing on it. Has been running great but the tachometer no longer works. When the tractor is off it shows it's RPM at 40. The tractor runs great with the exception of the tachometer. Im assuming it's a loose or broken wire...
  5. Other Big Tractor Forum
    What is the best way to handle a company and dealer that’s refusing to do the right thing ? I have a TYM tractor that I’ve owned for six months and it’s been broken seven times. It’s only been in my possession for two months out of the six. Does anybody have a way to handle these companies...
  6. Other Big Tractor Forum
    My TYM T353 HST has just short of 500 hours on it. It has the Mitsubishi S4L2 engine. While operating it, the engine will just shut off suddenly. It will then start right back up. It would do this about every 3-4 hours, usually when I was working it clearing snow or grading our road. I...
1-6 of 6 Results