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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hi, I need to find a place that I can purchase a 1978 Horse I, Troy Built Reverse Disk. The parts list says the part number is 1919, but mine has a hard fiber one as far as I can tell. So, i think my replacement part number is either a 1072A or a 1072K. My serial # is:308321, so I think the part...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Troy Bilt model 1668R not starting. Turn key and solenoid clicks but no starter. Short solenoid terminals and no starter. Ideas? Is there a repair manual available for this model?
  3. Troy-Bilt
    Please help! Ignition turn yields loud clicking from solenoid. Replaced, same problem. Continuity good on pos, neg cables to solenoid. A few tries drains battery but on charger can repeat the issue. Shaved paint from solenoid ground issue, no progress. Fuse continuity checks. Starter replaced...
  4. Troy-Bilt
    my troy bilt 17hp pony lawn tractor won't move when i let out the clutch? it has done that a few times in the past, but only for a few seconds, but now it's more serious. The engine is fine and starts right up but as soon as i engage the clutch it kills it! help please
  5. Troy-Bilt
    Hello, New member with first post. Just picked me up a brand new 1971 Horse (SN 20480) that is in great condition for its age. Just going through it and changing all the maintenance necessities but am a bit stumped when it comes to the rear tine gear oil. Every manual and thread I can find says...
  6. Troy-Bilt
    My troybilt pony runs, but refuses to move. This was my grandfathers lawnmower so I don't know it too well. I can't attach a video of what happens, but I did attach pics of the transmission and drive belts. Both belts seem to be on correctly, but could be loose. The drive belt looks good but the...
  7. Troy-Bilt
    hi ok here is issue we have a 1995 troy bilt gtx 20 with loader attachment (model 14066) the other night while plowing snow the loader stopped working was fine for hours.. there is no signs of leaks all hoses intacked. no leakage at pump, or control valve.. what would cause this and what should...
1-7 of 7 Results