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  1. Ford 9N/2N/8N
    I have a '51 8N. The lifts abruptly quit working. Opened the side panel and felt that the control arm was well seated in the control lever, so no easy fix there. Took off the top lid leaving enough oil to cover the control lever-and then some, turned on tractor and pried the control lever back...
  2. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    Hi everyone! I have an old 90s Massey Ferguson 390 shuttle. I was using to plow yesterday and all of the sudden, the tachometer stopped working! Nothing else happened. No lights, engine troubles, nothing. Just the tach stopped. Can someone please try and figure it out. I would like to continue...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello All, I borrowed an Oliver 550 / 588 tractor that I was using today and the 1-6 forward/drive gears stopped working. I checked the engine oil, coolant and gas before using it and all were brand new and full. I can shift into each forward gear but it won't move. The reverse gears still...
1-3 of 3 Results