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  1. Ford / New Holland
    Has anyone had trouble with the transmission on Ford 3430,3930 , 4630 0r 5030 8 speed transmission. I have a 1992 4630 My low-high range and forward / Reverse work fine. However my main transmission started jamming in gear and hard to change gears now it is stuck in 1st gear and wont move. Any...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I can't find the belts or the problem I don't know if is missing tensioner need help with this model, they gave me this tractor never worked, I fix mechanical issue engine runs perfect. But after 4 minutes off running just won't muve with engine running
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I was using my Mahindra Max XL26 yesterday to push and lift brush to be picked up by FEMA. After pushing brush forward in low speed gear 4 for several minutes, the tractor failed to move when placed into reverse. After shifting into different gears using both High and Low, I discovered that the...
  4. Case / Farmall - International Harvester
    I was pulling a mower last week and pushed clutch to stop PTO. When I got back on the tractor the PTO no longer works and tractor will not move. IH 234 is a hydrostatic transmission. I am concerned that the transmission could have failed. I pulled the tractor to the barn (not sure if this...
  5. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hey yall, I've got an 85 Ford 1910 4x4. The problem I'm having is this. Guy called me up and asked if I could put a rear seal and clutch it too of course. I was there that Saturday bright and early, had it split in no time. Now when it came apart i had about a gallon of hyd fluid pour out of...
  6. Case / Farmall - International Harvester
    Just rebuilt a 1979 584 diesel tractor with the Torque Amplifier. Going downhill the tractor is off to the races, like it is neutral. This is worse in high range. Is this normal? What should I troubleshoot first? any ideas will be appreciated.
  7. Ford / New Holland
    Hey Everyone! New to tractors, just picked up a Ford 4500 Indistrial to clear some land we bought to build a new home, the hoe was removed unfortunately but the loader has an incredible amount of power. It is the power reverse trans. First off I seem to only be able to get it in 1st or 3rd...
1-7 of 7 Results