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  1. Kubota
    Hey everyone! I have an old Kubota L2550 GST that's refusing to reliably shift into Forward gear. It's not grinding, it just feels like the shift lever is blocked in going as far as it needs to. It will eventually shift into Forward, after much fiddling about - I haven't found any repeatable...
  2. Other Big Tractor Forum
    I am new to tractors. We have a Agco Allis 5650. The engine is running strong but we can’t the thing to move forward or reverse. With the shifters I can change easily into all gears, High/Low, and forward/reverse. Clutch pedal depresses and feels operational. A few other important...
  3. Operating & General Discussion
    Models pre ~2000s..I have heard that ZF is good transmission and the other Deutz transmission is bad..
  4. Ford / New Holland
    Hi About a month ago my 1999 (About 1500 hours) TC 21 stopped mid run and and wouldn't respond anymore. Tried some stuff on my own but nothing ended up working and I don't have the time or equipment to properly pull the tractor apart to see what's really wrong with it. Mechanic ended thinking...
  5. Kioti
    I am doing research on tractors. I have never owned one before. I have about 50 acres. It is mostly level, with some pasture, some timber. I am a right leg amputee, so the hydrostatic transmission will not work for me. I am leaning towards the DK 5510. It is probably more horsepower than I...
  6. Ford / New Holland
    Hello everybody, iam new here and iam looking at a forum for old Ford Tractors and i hope you guys can help me bcs here in germany you cant find someone who can understand this transmision. I have an Ford Dexta 2000 build in 1965 and i have some trouble with my transmision. My grandpa bought...
1-6 of 6 Results