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  1. Operating & General Discussion
    Good evening everyone, I am a mechanical engineering student and would need the help of agricultural experts, particularly in driving tractors, for a university project in collaboration with CNH. My study group and I have carried out a sort of survey to understand the needs and requirements of...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    So I have a fiat 80 90 dt 4wd and I have been noticing for the last while that the lift will go up perfectly ok but when I’m lowering the lift with weight on the back it is very jerky, I know that there is a leaver at the right hand side of the seat that adjusts that but it doesn’t seem to make...
  3. Operating & General Discussion
    I currently own a Zetor 65 HP Diesel 4 x 4 which is known not to have the greatest brakes. The work I do is mostly on a steep driveway (17% Grade). The Zero manual strongly warns you not to change gears while on a grade. Of course, when I am doing road work like putting down gravel and grading I...
1-3 of 3 Results