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  1. Kubota
    Hi ALL, newbie here with an older Kubota G1800. Have been having intermittent problems with this machine ever since buying 2 years ago... First off, the electrical warning light on the dash came on and stayed on while using it, then the battery went flat - took it to the dealer and told the...
  2. Yanmar
    Hello, I have a Yanmar ym2000bd and it is not wanting to start. I just changed the alternator and the water pump, and it fired up right after changing the parts out and ran it for about 30mins to check for leaks and it was fine. It has been sitting for the last few days and now it won't turn...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    A buddy of mine has a 1947 2N thats been converted to a generator, we replaced fuel tank plugs complete rebuild of the carb and a lot more. We have good spark and good fuel but it will not fire. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Reyan
  4. Chinese / Grey Market Tractors
    Ok, common problem. Key switch fried. I replaced it and now not even the gauges light up! New Parts: Starter Switch Starter Solinoid Clutch Safety Switch Battery I have voltage to the switch and starter but nothing when I turn the key. Observations: The wiring diagram has two wires on...
1-4 of 4 Results