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  1. Craftsman / Sears
    Hello, My Craftsman GT 3000 does nothing when turning the ignition key. No click, no sounds. I used a multimeter and tested the battery, the ignition switch, the pto switch, the brake switch, the positive cable to the solenoid from the battery, the blue wire from the solenoid to the ignition...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have problem with my Farmtrac 360DTC. Running fine for months with no starting issues. One day used tractor for about 30 min. of light work moved hay bale from field to barn. I shut off, returned within an hour, tractor have not started since. When I turn key on I can hear loud clicks from...
  3. Mahindra / Lenar
    When I try to start my 5010 the gauges light up, but then just a clicking. Checked the 3 70amp relays on the firewall, tested battery and connections, replaced the starter, the engine turns freely, tried to short across solenoid and the start engages flywheel then kicks out. This happens...
1-3 of 3 Results