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  1. Snow Removal
    Decided to go over the snowblower while the weather was still good. Changed the oil, put in new shear pins (got spares also), serviced the lower end & changed the spark plug. Also put in new gas with stabilizer. This year I'm using synthetic oil, hoping I'll get some extra lube protection when...
  2. Snow Removal
    I live southwest of Buffalo and my town is in the middle of the snow belt. We get over 100" of snow just about every year. My two sons,a freind of mine,and I do quite a bit of plowing.All of us have Chevy or GMC trucks. I use a 1997 GMC 3500 deisel dully dump with a 8.5' western plow and a salt...
  3. Snow Removal
    I gotta figure this snow removal forum will soon become very active because.........It's coooommmmiiinnngggg!!! I bought a used JD (actually manufactured by Simplicity) 1989 524 (5HP/24"wide) snowblower in the summer of 2002 for $300. Best $$$ I ever spent. I can only pray that this winter is...
1-3 of 3 Results