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  1. Craftsman / Sears
    I'm new to this site, so forgive me if this has been answered before. I did search the forum without finding anything. I recently bought a CRAFTSMAN GT18, and cannot find the proper manual. The manual I found is for MODEL NO. 917.255919. Every manual I see is for this model. I'm needing to know...
  2. General Lawn Garden Tractor Forum
    I recently acquired a farm home. A Craftsman GS 6500 lawn tractor that had sat outdoors for two seasons was included in the deal. The problem is the machine dies after a short time of running. It runs fine, even after reaching operating temperature. After about 15 minutes or so in operating...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Good Afternoon all, First of all, I apologize for my ignorance of proper terminology. I'm not really experienced with fixing tractors but I am capable of fixing other things. I'm trying to fix my Craftsman LT1500 tractor I bought from Sears back in 2010. The blades will not turn on anymore...
  4. Classifieds
    I have two complete sears suburban 10s one tractor has a mower deck the other tractor has the 3 point hitch and a snow plow both have running engines and no problems with the transmission but they do need a little tlc please make offer I'm asking 600 for the pair