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  1. Classifieds
    Hello there, I am looking for a nice working or almost working flail mower (3 point mount) I would really like an older ford flail mower but will consider anything really. Projects are ok so long as the metal is solid and its not too far gone! I am also in the market for a nice 3 point PTO...
    $500 USD
  2. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    This thing is impressive in heavy brush and small trees. I have cut down 8” trees but I would not try to mulch them.
  3. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    This thing is a beast. It is rated to cut 4" trees but I accidently cut an 8" pine tree. Baumalight CP572 by Eron posted Sep 28, 2020 at 11:04 AM Baumalight CP572 Cuts 8in Tree by Eron posted Sep 28, 2020 at 11:07 AM
  4. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    I am looking for someone that has used this cutter model before to share their experience. I intend to order one but have not been able to find a large amount of content online. The videos show the cutter working well in reverse for getting after 4" trees. I'm hoping to get confirmation that it...
  5. Operating & General Discussion
    I see cutters rated for up to 4.5”. Assuming your tractors mets the HP and PTO HP spec, what is the technique for cutting trees that large? Back over trees that large with the cutter 6-12” off the ground will put a tremendous amount of force on the cutter skirt and edge because the tree will...
  6. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Greetings ! Today I was using my rotary cutter with Kubota L3301. Accidentally got stuck in some depth hole. PTO shaft got out from Mower. Only Pin got broke everything else seems good. But I can not attach back PTO shaft to mower. It’s just won’t go all the way back. What can I do ? Should I...
  7. Buying & Pricing
    I have no tractor experience but am mechanically minded and read tractor forum. The information in this forum is second to none. Am about ready to buy a new LS XG3025 and the following additional attachments: 5 foot silver edge rotary cutter and 66 inch Modern Ag Rake Grapple. My question is...
  8. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    I have a couple of implements that have been outside and has rusted. I Would like them to last and look good so I was thinking about sand blasting and painting them, what do you all think? I never sand blasted but I do have a 30 gallon air tank and the blaster and sand don't seem to be to...
  9. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    Do all rotary cutters have a shear bolt or do some have a slip clutch only with no shear bolt? I know you can add a slip clutch on so you don't keep breaking shear bolts. But a slip clutch without a shear bolt sounds dangerous because the slip clutch can freeze up and not slip and without the...
1-9 of 9 Results