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  1. Projects
    I am a camp host, and sitting next to my woodpile is an old broken down Kubota L2000. From what I've been told it's been sitting there for over 5 years and none of my coworkers has a clue what's wrong with it. I really need a tractor and a brush hog (which is sitting in front of the tractor)...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Anyone have experience or come across some information about cleaning and painting a diesel tank? I've pulled the tank and removed the hoses and gauges. The tank has full integrity its got a layer of rust coating the inside from sitting with 20 gallons of diesel in it for a year. I am looking...
  3. Long / Farmtrac / Montana/ LS
    Hey All, Hoping someone can give me a recommendation as to what coolant i should be using in my Long 460DT with a 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine. I’ve got all the old out time for some new! I do have the owners manual but it is rather vague. Thanks For Your Time, Drew
  4. Projects
    I want to share my current farm project that is fixing one of the rarest tractors in Iceland as there are only 4 of them in the entire country and i bougth this one about 3 years ago. It came broken we think the clutch release bearing is cooked and the cab is VERY rusted we are currently in the...
  5. Tractor Photos
    Bought some lighting off eBay for my Ariens and Gravely, and painted the rims on the Gravely, as well as the wheel weights. As you can tell I enjoy the look of IH white more than the stock gray. First attached file is the bracket I made to fit 3 inch square combo flood/ in the s16. Second and...
  6. Operating & General Discussion
    My Grandad who has sadly passed away has left me a Motostandard Superior 1030 for me. I promised him I would get it running and the restoration begins, does anyone know where I can find a manual possibly or if anyone knows about these ? Would be a massive help if anyone has any info at all. Thanks !
  7. Ford / New Holland
    Does anyone have experience purchasing aftermarket or salvaging sheet metal for older tractors? Does anyone sell truly faithful reproductions? Original style brackets, same heavy gauge skins, etc. I have what are probably the best OEM fenders for a 68 Ford 2000 available in my state but they are...
1-7 of 7 Results