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  1. Classifieds
    I have a Ford 5000 Gas with utility front end. It is a 1970. It runs and all features work. It needs cylinder sleeves. Piston #1 clacks. An examination of the cylinder shows a pin hole in the cylinder wall. I don't know if other cylinders are Ok. Doing an overhaul is more than I want to...
  2. Operating & General Discussion
    My 1030 is finally getting off to a start following things which meant it had to be put on the back burner for a good portion of 2019. For those who don’t know, this was gifted to me by my grandfather. When this arrived to my work area, it was running well and still does, but developed a...
  3. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    Hello all: My driveway is long about 7/8 mile with curves that go up, down, twist at angels. I have a Blade with sides I added to keep the gravel in the blade area but my problem is that the blade scrapes below the set height when the tractor hits an incline. Does anyone have any suggestions...
  4. Projects
    Now that I have had a chance to post a few pictures of my bucket project in the photo album, I figured I'd start a thread regarding DIY bucket loader attachments for lawn tractors. I didn't really like the looks of the manually operated one from Sears and the Johnny Bucket was a little too...
1-4 of 4 Results