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  1. Ford / New Holland
    Hey all, Hopefully I can find some help here. My father has a 1986 Ford 1710 with a Woods Du-Al 155 loader, and he has an issue that’s odd, I cannot seem to find any help already discussed. Problem: Loader will not rise or tilt upward if the 3-Point is at max height, if any movement at all, it’s...
  2. John Deere
    Hi All, New member here. I have a 2004 JD 4510 4x4 with power reverser. It will not turn over after sitting overnight because of what appears to be battery drain. I have checked the parasitic draw a number of times and with a couple of different DVM's and it has consistently shown 0.3 to 0.4...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    hi, I bought a used MF 1428V. After getting it stuck, I realized I'm not getting power to the front. :( Before I started tearing apart a transmission (ughhh), is there anything that is a common problem?
  4. Ford / New Holland
    Hello, i bought old ford 6610 what is this part in photo? I tried google part number, but cant find any info, mabye this is transmision pomp?
  5. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello All! I have a subcompact TYM tractor. Just completed the 150hr servicing on it. Has been running great but the tachometer no longer works. When the tractor is off it shows it's RPM at 40. The tractor runs great with the exception of the tachometer. Im assuming it's a loose or broken wire...
  6. Projects
    Well, as the titel says I’m having problems with the ignition on my Massey Ferguson 350 or MF35, I cannot get any spark from the distributor or ignition coil. I have tried to just connect the coil to the battery and open the breakerpoints by hand, still nothing, then I put the spark plug...
  7. Long / Farmtrac / Montana/ LS
    I had to replace my head gasket only to find the head cracked. Had it repaired put it all back together and now is very very hard to get it to run. Also replaced the glow plugs and fuel pump filters oil and antifreeze. It turns over great and spiders. After about 10 minutes it may stay running...
  8. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hey. I have a David Brown 990 Selectematic 1972 mod. I was changing the kill lever on the diesel pump. and I had to pull out the rod that ran from the pump to the cabin and now when I pull on the throttle it won't go back. Any tips to fix this?
1-8 of 8 Results