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  1. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    I am trying to find a cabin filter for my 2020, 4707 from anyone other the MF due to their price being extreme. Does anyone know where I can find this part number? I have searched Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others. It is 11.5x11.5x2.5” 4385488m3 cabin filter
  2. Ford / Jacobsen
    I just bought a Ford ls45 lawn tractor, there is a bad bearing noise coming from the shaft under the motor. I think it’s the pto clutch. My question is where do I get parts for this tractor.
  3. Oliver
    I inherited grandpas 1650 diesel. After some much needed services she was up and running. How ever 5th and 6th gears would only grind. Would not even slip in with the engine off. I only use it around the place to blade the driveway and such. Well now after 5 years she is down to only 2nd...
  4. Classifieds
    I am looking to sell a bunch of Ford tractor parts I have collected over the years. All are for the 1965-83 2/3/4000 and 1976-83 26/36/4600 three cylinder models. Engine blocks, cranks, heads, some tin, lights, lots of misc stuff. Have some New pistons for 4000 gassers and some new ones for 3000...
  5. Buying & Pricing
    Please advise sites that part out old tractors. I have found a couple and have found cylinders for backhoe model 3120 but mine is much bigger model 3140. can I try a cylinder that is not exact match? Here are measurement and I have. Just Hydraulic cylinder tube 47" Hydraulic cylinder from...
  6. Classifieds
    Looking for some side panels for a John Deere 1010 RUS. Mine blew off in a tornado that we had several years ago. If anyone knows of where I can get some please let me know.
  7. Cut Size Tractors
  8. Vintage Outdoor Equipment
    Hi All, Rebuilding a JD Manure Spreader. I need part # 4369 SC (Left Hanger bracket) for the Conveyor Shaft and replacement conveyor slats. Thanks. Doug.
  9. Ford / New Holland
    Hi folks, (Ford 3000 1968? B series diesel 6 speed) After losing my trans while box blading, I decided to try and fix it for the learning. I dl'ed and read several manuals and have run into a problem I cannot seem to get around. The main shaft is toast but the gears look OK. The problem is that...
  10. Simplicity
    Hello, we have a Simplicity 7116 Lawn mower and snow blower. We love it but I think the engine is shot. There is an auction coming up listing a Simplicity 6216. Would any of the parts from that tractor be compatible with my 7116? Thanks for any help or suggestions. CE
  11. Case / Farmall - International Harvester
    Hi there! We recently bought a shipping container and inside were parts to a 1959 case crawler 310c. We're not interested in opening a store LOL We are looking to find a buyer. The parts are all in great condition and the previous owner obviously cared for them very well. Many parts are in...
1-11 of 11 Results