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  1. Ford / New Holland
    I have a Ford 335 1978 vintage tractor. Came to me with the standard steering column leak as discussed often on this site. The power steering worked... almost... you could steer it but it was difficult but not "no power steering" difficult. Got the seal kit and replaced the upper and lower...
  2. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    I really would like to get a front end loader set up on my tractor and I will need hydraulic hookups to do that as well. I've done a little research and have limited understanding of this but from what I can tell my tractor has no hydraulic rear remote hookups or a place for one currently. The...
  3. Full size Tractors
    Owners operators Manual for Ford NewHolland 3430 or Ford 3430
  4. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a Ford New Holland 3430 that is leaking fluid out the PTO shaft. I have a new seal just would like advice for replacing it as well as draining and replacing the fluid in the rear end, tranny, and the filter. It is a 2 WD with a dual-speed H/L trans No hydraulics as far as a bucket lift or...
1-4 of 4 Results