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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Okay my other half and I bought a MTD lawn tractor and it needs the mowing deck bearings replaced. As far as I am finding they come in a spindle set but I am unsure as to how to figure out what year the tractor is and what parts are the correct to order. We would like to replace both...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello. Really looking for help here. I have a craftsman riding lawn mower with a MTD engine. I wasn’t provided an engine manual when my tractor was delivered. I have changed the oil in my tractor but cannot find what the appropriate amount of oil is for replacement. I know there’s a dipstick but...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I can't find the belts or the problem I don't know if is missing tensioner need help with this model, they gave me this tractor never worked, I fix mechanical issue engine runs perfect. But after 4 minutes off running just won't muve with engine running
  4. MTD
    Hello, I’m having a little trouble with this little tractor again.I had to change the deck belt. The new one feels too slack and the deck is not cutting properly. The belt flaps around and doesn’t make that nice positive 'helicopter' engaging sound then I lower the deck like it used to. I went...
  5. MTD
    I have a 1999 MTD model 845 garden tractor. The original B & S engine self-destructed while idling in my garage. I located a 22 hp White engine that bolted right in. The White engine runs beautiful with 1 exception. It is a Tecumseh twin with 2 carbs. I cannot get its RPM up over about 1900 with...
  6. MTD
    I've got an MTD 142-849H000 18HP riding mower, from about 1987. Its got the B&S vanguard motor that has held up well. It has the variable pulley drive and to be honest it never has worked very well. Now it hardly pulls at all. It is slipping on the engine pulley 756-0531A. I've taken...
1-6 of 6 Results