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  1. Buying & Pricing
    I received this in the mail today. UPS royally messes up as I ordered canned carrots 😅. I am trying to find the rightful owner. If anyone knows someone who just sold or just bought one of these, please have them reach out to me!
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Minimec p5597 ford 7700/Number one cylinder is not pumping other 3 ok Side plate off and springs look good.. the stroke Looks like other three Would like to remove pump assembly (6allens) can I do it still mounted ? How much trouble? Have explode view in shop manual Can I get parts ???
  3. Ford / New Holland
    I’ve got a Ford 5000 with the minimec pump and dual fuel filters. Tractor recently started surging and will die. Upon further investigation, I have found that after the engine dies, the second fuel filter (one closest to the injection pump) will not have fuel in it while the first filter will. I...
1-3 of 3 Results