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  1. Introductions
    I am an old guy with way to many tractors, collector vehicles, dozers, etc. Trying to down size.
  2. Attachments, Implements & Accessories
    Hello, I'm a new member (was a reader before I was a contributor). I have a 27 acre farm in New York State and we have a MF 1735E tractor. We got a BH7 backhoe (3 point attached with a hydraulic PTO pump). On the first real test of the backhoe digging a simple hole to practice the PTO Stub...
  3. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    I have a MF 245 tractor and would like to add a front loader to it. What size front end loader do I need? i was told that a MF 245 front loader attachment would fit so I bought one… it is too big for the tractor. What size loader attachment do I need to get? thanks.
  4. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    Hi Lads and Lassies. I recently bought a massey 35 with a twist. Its been fitted with a suspected 1969 landrover engine.(parked a while and information was slack due to circumstances)Fast little yolk !! Need to get a frost plug, heating plugs and filter but don't know hon to even determine what...
  5. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    I have a 27hp Massey Ferguson compact, 2001, 760 hours, in very good condition (I hope). Purchased today. I arrached the flail mower and set off, only to have the flail tangle with some polythene pipe hidden in the long grass. This brought the machine to a stall. When I try to start it...
  6. Full size Tractors
    Workshop Service Manual for Massey Ferguson and Ferguson MF & TO 35 50 Tractors
  7. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    Main Parts List Hydraulic Pump Drive Coupler, 708639M91, $70 Pump Drive Shaft Assembly, 707166M92, $135 19 GPM SAE-B 13 spline counter-clockwise rotation Hydraulic Pump, HGP AL13S-B02-220L, $172 Hydraulic Filter Assembly, 1042326M1, $34 Various hydraulic fittings, adapters, and hoses We...
  8. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Our Massey Ferguson 165 tractor's fuel gauge has never worked. The fuel gauge was bad but I was able to order a new one (p/n: 1074336M9) for $20 here...
  9. Classifieds
    I have a 1974 MF14 that I'm thinking of either selling as a bundle(Tractor/Mower/Tiller/Snow Thrower) or perhaps parting out. I'm wondering if there's any interest out there.
  10. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I´ve a Spanish MF267, which I had assumed was a narrow version of the MF265, with play in the steering assembly (steering column). Before I investigate further I was looking at availability of spares but the casting has ´122101F DIASA BURMAN´ with the attached steering arm 'DIASA 122591E´...
  11. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    I have a 1962 MF 35 and I'm trying to get all the gauges to work. Moving from left to right as you sit on the seat is the "water temp." gauge, "voltage" gauge then the steering column, the the "hour meter" and finally the "Oil Pressure" gauge. There is no Tach/Speedometer or Fuel gauge. The one...
  12. Projects
    Well, as the titel says I’m having problems with the ignition on my Massey Ferguson 350 or MF35, I cannot get any spark from the distributor or ignition coil. I have tried to just connect the coil to the battery and open the breakerpoints by hand, still nothing, then I put the spark plug...
  13. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    Hi All. Newbie here. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding a 1965 Massey 135 Multi power. It is all going pretty well, but having re-united the front half of the tractor with the rear I am having some problems with the linkages for the Multi power and for the throttle. I usually take lots...
  14. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I just purchased a older 35 and it has the spin off wheels. One is tight as I can get it, but has a little place and pops when you turn hard. The wheel does not wobble. Can I buy a standard bolt on rim and it fit or would I have to buy a new center rim as well? I'm thinking I can just want to...
  15. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    First post, hello all and thank you in advance. My issue started when I was using tractor mowing brush in between bedded pines, bush hog got stuck and 3 point quit working. after tearing it a part we found that lift cylinder pump housing was broke in several places and the bolts were shared off...
  16. Repair & Technical Discussion
    My Massey getting ready to wic some johnson grass in a newly planted bermuda field.
  17. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Looks way better than when I got it.
1-17 of 17 Results