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  1. Case / Farmall - International Harvester
    Was sold a tractor as 1964 IH 504 utility, but after doing many repairs trying to use the manual book I was given, realize it is NOT a 504. Maybe a 444 or 424? The oil filter sits on top of the plate, not underneath like most of the tractor pictures I have seen. The ID plate gives me no...
  2. Tractors
    Kioti does not have a pdf available so I scanned mine. High Resolution Full Manual. Its too big for this site. Message me if you want link
  3. Operating & General Discussion
    Hey everyone - I just bought an IH 574. The markings and gauges are all worn off and I'm not sure what all the levers and pedals do. I am good on the PTO engage/disengage, 3 point raising/lowering, choke and all of the stuff I need to know for normal use. But I know there's a differential lock...
  4. Full size Tractors
    Owner's Manual for Ferguson TO-35 Tractors
  5. Ford / New Holland
    Hi. I am about to do a larger service on my Ford 550 backhoe, and are have got my hands on chapter 1 of the repair manual, but it refers to chapter 3 with the specifications where the torque specs are listed... And I need those specs to make sure to not overtighten things. Anyone got that...
  6. Cut Size Tractors
  7. Cut Size Tractors
    Yanmar - Cub Cadet EX3200 Parts List Manual 3096949
  8. Full size Tractors
    Owners operators Manual for Ford NewHolland 3430 or Ford 3430
  9. Operating & General Discussion
    My Grandad who has sadly passed away has left me a Motostandard Superior 1030 for me. I promised him I would get it running and the restoration begins, does anyone know where I can find a manual possibly or if anyone knows about these ? Would be a massive help if anyone has any info at all. Thanks !
  10. Operating & General Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and a first-time tractor owner. I am buying a Mitsubishi mt 205. I need a manual for it, but not having much luck. I have found manuals for the mt 210. Not knowing the important differences, if any, between the 205 and the 210, I'm not sure if this manual is what I...
1-10 of 10 Results