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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    so im fairly new to tractors, and especially new to hydraulic systems. I had a leaky hose that I replaced, one of the feed and return lines going to the loader joystick up top. When I put it all back together with the new line, im getting pressure but no response on any joystick functions. I can...
  2. Mahindra / Lenar
    I am trying to figure out how to address the current issues I am having with my Mahindra tractor, and what options I have and/or should consider. I purchased a Mahindra 3650 PST in July 2020. I used the tractor only 4 months in 2020, then went out of state leaving the tractor unused until late...
  3. Mahindra / Lenar
    I am on my 2nd clutch on my Mahindra 1533 shuttle. First one only got 292 hours and now the second one got 71 hours. Of course Mahindra and the dealer is trying to say operator error. The hubby and I are the only 2 that operate it and I grew up on manual clutches (motorcycles, tractors, lawn...
  4. Snow Removal
    Hi all. Moving to Maine soonand will be adding a Mahindra 6075 to the farm (already have a 4025 and am very happy with it). I intend to mount a front snow blower on the 6075 for the winter. I did not see anything like this on the forums. Bad idea? I really do not want to do a rear...
  5. Buying & Pricing
    Hello to all my Tractor Forum buddies , I have purchased my fair share of wrong tractors and have almost killed myself driving them. If I don't die while using the tractor, my wife will kill me anyway. Please help me with some suggestions. I have 28 acres on the side of a mountain in upper New...
  6. Mahindra / Lenar
    Looking for a pressure switch for th ac on a Mahindra tractor, 2565. The company Mahindra want to sell me the entire ac line for 250. I need only the switch. Has anybody found this switch?
  7. Buying & Pricing
    Hello everyone, First time tractor buyer and new to the forum so.. Greetings! Hoping I can solicit some advice from you guys that know a thing or two about tractors... I have narrowed my search down to two tractors. I would like to buy either a Kubota M6060 or a Mahindra 6075 new. There...
  8. Mahindra / Lenar
    I am having a difficult time finding a proper parts diagram and replacement parts for my 2013 Mahindra 4025 loader valve. If anyone has any insight on where I can find these things it would be greatly appreciated. Also, If anyone knows of a good cost effective way to repair it, i'm all ears. I...
  9. Mahindra / Lenar
    I was having problems starting the tractor and found/adjusted the 5 relay switches. Now it starts right up, but when i leave go of the ignition key, it shuts right back down. Confused and seeking advice. Thanks in advance, new member.
  10. Other Big Tractor Forum
    What is the best way to handle a company and dealer that’s refusing to do the right thing ? I have a TYM tractor that I’ve owned for six months and it’s been broken seven times. It’s only been in my possession for two months out of the six. Does anybody have a way to handle these companies...
  11. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello, I have to join a new forum every month to keep this mahindra going. This time it’s the shuttle shift. While feeding the shuttle shift went loose and it is in neutral. Previously the roll pin in the shaft sheared many times and was replaced with a Lynch pin.....bad move! Now the...
  12. Introductions
    Hello fellow tractor enthusiasts! By way of introduction: after some intense research & tire kicking, I 'invested' some retirement $$ to purchase a cute little red SCUT - about 160 hours/one year ago...Very well pleased with its awesome (for size) 4 WD Performance in well-accomplishing the...
  13. Mahindra / Lenar
    New guy here. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am retired military and my wide and I bought a 75 acre piece of property we are turning into our hobby farm. I have a 2018 Mahindra 4540 4wd. Look forward to the discussions.
  14. Classifieds
    Good Morning All! So this April I purchased a Kioti CS2210 subcompact utility tractor to mow a little over 6 acres of yard. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to end up moving and I no longer have the need for the machine. A few details: 42 hours, FEL, 60" mower deck, MFWD, Locking rear...
  15. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I need to get into the right brake of my 4505. Does anyone have advice? I have a diagram of the left side but cant find a blow-up of the right side.
  16. Mahindra / Lenar
    Hey guys, I have a 2016 Mahindra 1526 manual transmission that is stuck in gear. Brief rundown; my son jumped on it to move it. I had left it parked in the Low range setting when I last used it. He, not being very familiar with the hi/low range option, (I found out after grilling him. I was...
  17. Long / Farmtrac / Montana/ LS
    Good Morning, I thought I would share a video of my LS MT125 Tractor tilling my garden for the winter. I put down 10-10-10 fertilizer and tilled it in for the winter. My LS MT125 is very strong in this task, and I sure had a good time doing it.
1-18 of 18 Results