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  1. Oliver
    I have an old Oliver 1355 painted blue, only reason I'm posting in the Oliver forum is I figured more people might see this. I was out raking my hay and noticed a huge oil leak coming from the front of the motor, I shut it off checked the oil and it was almost dry! I put some sealant on it to...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I went to check my oil and diesel fuel pored out of block about 3 gallons How can that happen?
  3. Long / Farmtrac / Montana/ LS
    Will a Long 1550C fel fit my 2360 Long tractor . There is one for sale locally. Just need to know before I buy it
  4. Introductions
    Hi all, My name is Caleb. I just acquired my first tractor, a UTB/ Long 350 with a front end loader. It is yellow, so I believe it is actually a Romanian UTB. Where might I look for technical help? Any manuals available online for this? I found the manuals for the 360, 510, etc. but nothing...
  5. Long / Farmtrac / Montana/ LS
    not sure what's similar in model but my 480 3point is pulsing? under load. I only notice it anyways under load, so far I've changed the fluid and filter, using spec fluid. still no change, the hotter it gets the worse it gets and with heavy implements it will shake a man to death. also any info...
  6. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a Long 610 that has recently started to leak coolant out of the overflow tube. Is this a sign of a problem?
  7. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have an old Long 610. It started running sluggish. I changed the fuel filters. I used the primer to get fuel past the filters. It ran for about 15 minutes then shut off. I cracked the injectors and fuel comes out when I cranked it over but will not start. Any guidance would be really appreciated.
  8. Long / Farmtrac / Montana/ LS
    Hey All, Hoping someone can give me a recommendation as to what coolant i should be using in my Long 460DT with a 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine. I’ve got all the old out time for some new! I do have the owners manual but it is rather vague. Thanks For Your Time, Drew
  9. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I'm have a problem with lift jumping at top of travel.. Also leaks down really quick after engine is turned off even with no equipment on them the lift arms still drop fairly quick..sometimes have to speed rpms up b4 it will start lifting.. Lift seems pretty strong but something is wrong...
  10. Repair & Technical Discussion
    First I’m fairly new to the tractor life and this Long 610 is my first tractor. I was plowing and my tractor got weak and needed full throttle to barely drive. I checked the engine and seen 2 injectors leaking pretty bad. Would this cause the power loss? Is the two copper washers at the top the...
  11. Classifieds
    Local trade. Approx 1300 hours. Everything works. Owner traded for a hydro tractor due to old age. Only ever used for pulling a finishing mower. Please call AgPro Macon Ga. 478-405-7900. $2000 obro.
  12. Petroleum, Oils, Lubricants, Additives, Chemicals
    I have a 90's model Long Tractor 2360. I am unsure where to add the hydraulic fluid. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thanks
1-12 of 12 Results