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  1. Kubota
    I have an older L3710 glide shift that has been running just fine since I bought it a year ago. On cold mornings, I have to let the Glow Plugs turn off, turn the tractor for about 30 secs and then repeat the process again to get the machine to start. No big deal. Last week, I got on the...
  2. Kubota
    anyone else in here have a 'Bota tractor?....I have a 3710 model...bought new in 2001...FEL/Boxblade/5' tiller/ 6' Rhino brushhog/ post hole digger......I currently have about 150 hrs on it...bought it mainly for mowing the 16 acres I own, but am also using it for digging fence holes, moving...
1-2 of 2 Results