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  1. Craftsman / Sears
    I need some insight on an issue I'm having with my lawn tractor. It's a 26Hp Kholer (SV735) and it surges constantly, unless I play with the choke a bit. I've cleaned the carb, etc, regapped plugs. That's when I noticed the right cylinger is running lean. Any ideas? I can't find a breech/ vacuum...
  2. Husqvarna
    Hi guys and gals, I got a Husqvarna Lgt2654 about 3years ago and untill now never had a problem with the Kholer command engine. At first it would die when i was mowing and it was hot, now it wont run with a load (mower engaged) on it. It will sit there and run at idle all day, but when I engage...
1-2 of 2 Results