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  1. Case / Colt / Ingersoll
    Does anyone have the owner's manual for the N40 Case mower deck? I'm tring to work out the correct adjustment of the two nuts on the rear coupling to the frame.
  2. General Lawn Garden Tractor Forum
    Just to kick this fourm off. What implements do you all have for your tractor[s]? Here is my list.[and it keeps growing.:D ] Ingersoll 444 54"plow tiller hydrovac [hydro powerd bagger] 48" mower deck Ingersoll 224 Hydrosplit [wood splitter] 44" plow 44" mower deck Greavelys 2...
  3. Case / Colt / Ingersoll
    This is a bad picture, but at this time it's the only one I have. It is my 87 Ingersoll 444. I have a plow blade, hydrovac,and a hydrotiller for it. I also have a 83 224 Ingersoll, that I have a wood splitter for. I will try to get some more pictures up soon
1-3 of 3 Results