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  1. Craftsman / Sears
    I'm new to this site, so forgive me if this has been answered before. I did search the forum without finding anything. I recently bought a CRAFTSMAN GT18, and cannot find the proper manual. The manual I found is for MODEL NO. 917.255919. Every manual I see is for this model. I'm needing to know...
  2. Gravely / Ariens
    I lost spark on my Ariens GT18 (year unknown). I pulled off the black/white connector to rule out of the tractors wiring and safety cutoffs, still got not spark. Which would tell me its either the coil, magnets, or air gap. This tractor did run last night some im guessing the coil is shot...
  3. Gravely / Ariens
    Supposedly this gt18 lost it spark a few years ago and the owner said screw it and bought a newer tractor. I’m getting it for basically nothing. Allegedly spins freely and has compression. It has a mower deck and wheel weights. It may even have a plow but I’m not 100% sure. I know jack about...
1-3 of 3 Results