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  1. Kioti
    2005 DK40SE. Temperature gauge quit working. Pulled sending unit sensor and checked ohms. 0 when cold which I think is correct. Heated up a little and ohms increased to 10 which again I believe means the sending unit is working correctly. Talked to my Kioti dealer and he said the gauge on the...
  2. Ford / New Holland
    I'm replacing my meter panel and trying to figure out the gauge function. The fuel sender is a variable resistor. The coolant temperature sender is a thermistor which measures 4700 ohms at 68 degrees (warm today.) A galvanometer type gauge normally has two terminals, is polarity sensitive...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Our Massey Ferguson 165 tractor's fuel gauge has never worked. The fuel gauge was bad but I was able to order a new one (p/n: 1074336M9) for $20 here...
1-3 of 3 Results