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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I was pushing some brush tops up this afternoon and my mahindra 4025 just died as if I turned the key off. It will turn over but not crank. Sounds like it’s not getting fuel to me. Any suggestions on where to start looking for the problem??
  2. John Deere
    Hi, I got this machine for a really good price and used it last year with little problem, when I went to put more gas in it, I noticed some sediment in the tank, some leaf parts, pine needles. I replaced all the filters, I'm just wondering if there is a away to clear the sediment without...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a 454 E ( Assembled in Europe and shipped to America) mid-seventies International Harvester made by Komatsu. With a D179 engine. Looking for the fuel filter. The part does not have any numbers on it and all the parts stores around here have no idea what the part is or where it can be...
  4. Ford / New Holland
    Hello all, I am new to the site and I just acquired a mid 70s 4500. The guy that gave it to me said it wouldn't stay running and he had to use an inline 12v fuel pump to get it started. Sometimes he needed the fuel pump, sometimes not. I have been going thru the entire tractor, new starter...
1-4 of 4 Results