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  1. Ford / New Holland
    Hi All, I have an Ford 8240 SLE tractor that keeps blowing the fuse for the 3 point lift. I get error code 29 on the right screen. I have taken the solenoids off the EDC valve control and checked them both with a battery and they both seem to work. I put them back on and the hitch worked for...
  2. Ford / New Holland
    my tractor does not have a front loader on it. Is there a way I can modify it to add one?
  3. Ford / New Holland
    Does anyone know what diameter I should pick for a straightpiped or muffled exhaust tube? I just wanna know what diameter would sound good, I don't want it to sound hollow or have an echo or anything like that, I'd like to go with a small but not to small one but I still don't know what size I...
  4. Projects
    Does anyone know the name of Ford White paint on the wheels any help appreciated thanks
  5. Ford / New Holland
    Hello, this is my first post. I am trying to identify a ford with a DW model code: DW212K? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Ford / New Holland
    Hello friends, I recently inherited my great grandfather's 1958 Ford 861. The wiring system was updated to a 12v but I'd really love to update the lights as well. What all does this entail? And advice is welcome!
  7. Ford / New Holland
    Hello, everyone! I'm new to the group and new to tractors in general! I have a 73 ford 3000 that doesn't seem to be charging and looking for some info on where to look for my issue. When I bought the tractor (about a month or so ago), the generator light was illuminated most of the time at...
  8. Ford / New Holland
    I just picked this up , I got it running ,the number's stamped near the starter are C222213 and the hoe and bucket work ( until the hoses broke) The pic is of the tag on the backhoe. I would like to find a model number , and year maybe , I need to find the part number for the hydro filter for...
  9. For Sale Ford yt16

    Good condition Ford. Runs and mows fine. All 5 gears including reverse work good. Not sure what price to ask. Got this mower on a trade earlier this year. Anyone interested? Taking offers
    $1,000 USD
  10. Ford / New Holland
    Hello all, I have a ford 3000 and was asking to see is the pto shaft of a 4000 the same as a 3000? thanks In advance
  11. Classifieds
    Hello there, I am looking for a nice working or almost working flail mower (3 point mount) I would really like an older ford flail mower but will consider anything really. Projects are ok so long as the metal is solid and its not too far gone! I am also in the market for a nice 3 point PTO...
    $500 USD
  12. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello, Just bought a Ford 2000 with an aftermarket AHS (Anadolu) power steering system. I found a hole on the bottom of the cylinder that will constantly leak when the tractor is off (hole is part of the original design I found out just not sure what the purpose is) and will squirt out when the...
  13. Operating & General Discussion
    So I’m pretty new to farming equipment/tractors etc. Bought my first home a year ago on 3 acres of clean/flat farm land. I have gained a lot of knowledge over the past year owning a cub lo boy 154 with hi/low , 60” woods belly mower, but no 3 point . sold that to buy a lo boy 185 with a 3...
  14. Classifieds
    I have a 1978 Ford 420 tractor that I'm needing a steering cylinder for. Anyone have one they are willing to sell? It has been a hard part to find.
  15. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Please help me ID this tractor: Transmission - D4NN 4024B / Engine Block (right by starter) - D4NN 6015 J Other side of tran - D2NN7006F 5L20 I also need to know if I can get a manual for this kind of equipment. Loving this tractor so far, just want to make sure I keep her healthy and fix...
  16. Ford / New Holland
    Hi, my father just purchased an old Ford Forklift and we are trying to date it along with finding parts. ND (NO?) C340718 MODEL C5021K UNIT 2F02B ENGINE 2E10A We are looking for 1. Air filter and cover 2. plugs and wires 3. distributor cap and points 4. condenser Any and all help is...
  17. Buying & Pricing
    ISO a 1993 ford 4630 201 diesel engine, if it needs rebuilt that is fine. my block has a quarter size piece missing from the bottom of the cylinder wall, due to a rod cap coming off, bought that way, does need to have a cam and crank in the engine, im located in oregon so will have to be...
  18. Operating & General Discussion
    Hello i'm new to the forum and have a question about a tractor that says fordson super major on the hood. been searching for info on it? anything would be a great help for me and my dad.
  19. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have this tractor and I know it's a 60's industrial tractor and is gasoline powered. I would like to know more about it and hoping someone might be able to help :) Disregard this post....It's a 1968 model 2000, LCG, live 540 PTO, 8 speed w/gas engine.
  20. Ford / New Holland
    Hello friends, thank you for accepting me in this great forum. I am writing from Chile South America, I am about to buy a Ford 4600 Q Cab and among many doubts I need to know what year it was manufactured. Serial number is B343320. It is a very rare model in my country although the Ford 1000...
1-20 of 119 Results