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  1. Ford / New Holland
    Good morning all, Purchased a 1963 Ford 4000. Has a select o magic transmission 2 wheel drive with loader & pto. Replaced almost every hose to new in the past year. It was purchased from a a local guy who stated it only had high gear only. When it was at our warehouse where the tractor was...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I am a newbie to tractors so suggestions are appreciated. I have a ford 850 that will not stay running. New Carburetor and spark plugs. Fuel lines clean and open. Seems to run great for 5-15 minutes then dies. Appears to stop when it gets hot. Looking for suggestions cause researching takes me...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a 1959 ford 841 that I'm restoring. I'm currently rebuilding the steering that didn't work at all when I purchased it. My question is how many teeth should there be on each of the steering sectors gears? This tractor has 7 on the right sector and 11 on the left as your looking at it...
1-3 of 3 Results