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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a 1947 ford 8n tractor that is stuck in high range. I am not sure if it is a cable issue or what. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  2. Ford 9N/2N/8N
    Have a 8n ford tractor that has been sitting for 5 years or so. Ran great when parked. Went out to the shed to start it up, battery was bad after so many years. Replaced battery with brand new battery. It’s been converted over to a 12 volt system. Turned rite over and started up and ran rite...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I’ve had some problems getting my 52 8N to start reliably. I finally narrowed it down to the fuel. Not getting any in the carb (MS tsx 33). When I open the drain valve at the bottom of the carb, nothing comes out. Glass bowl is fine, line to carb is fine, and carb inlet brand new. If line is...
  4. Ford 9N/2N/8N
    Hello new to the forum! I have a Ford 8n that’s converted to 12v. With a front mount distributor. Recently replaced the distributor, coil and cap and it will run fine at idle but when reving it up it starts to miss and backfires. Unless! I put the battery charger on it with the tractor running...
  5. Introductions
    I am working on a 1949 Ford 8n that belongs to my mother i worked on it @3years ago put a new distributor, rotary button, new points, condensor, plug wires, plugs,and distributor cap, and a new coil it ran good till my brother worked on it and had all the wiring messed up. I got the wiring...
  6. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a ford 9N/2N with the front mount Distributor. I was lazily Brush Hogging when it lost power and it died. I checked for spark, it had none. I replaced the Coil, Distributor Plate (had bad screw),Capacitor,Points,Rotor Button. When I tested the top of the coil my light is bright and...
  7. Introductions
    Hello from Connecticut! My '52 8n is overall in fair to good condition, only the PTO won't disengage. I opened the left side access and tried to move the rod and help it to go back to neutral, no joy. Not wishing any bad thing on anyone else but I hope that someone has experience with this...
  8. Ford / New Holland
    My recently restored 1949 Ford 8N. I will post before and after pictures soon.
  9. Ford 9N/2N/8N
    Worked on a friends 52 8N this past weekend. Carburator had some trash in a jet and would only run with the choke out. Cleaned the carb and she sounds great. However..when you get her into stress(pulling a load of gravel with 5' blade) she gives one "hupp to da dub"(engine miss) when you take...
1-9 of 9 Results