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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Having some issues with my Ford 850 tractor - Started having issues about a month or so ago & I finally got around to tinkering. It started out where the tractor would run ok but not great for about 10-15 minutes then die followed by a very hard or no start. Now I can't get it to start at all...
  2. Ford / New Holland
    so I have a 55 ford 850 w FEL and non power assist steering. New to me about 3 months ago and while I'm running it the choke pushes itself out automatically and starts to cut out. It runs fine if i drive around holding the choke in but it's killing me trying to drive with the FEL one handed...
  3. Ford / New Holland
    I recently became the owner of a 1955 Ford 850, which was left behind by the previous property owner. My issue is with the three point hitch. With the draft control lever in either the up or down position the hitch does not work. However, if I hold the draft control lever at the half way point...
1-3 of 3 Results