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  1. Yanmar
    Just when I needed my Yanny the most over the winter, the hydraulic system stopped up. 8-inches of snow and no ability to raise or lower the blade. Even worse, I would select a gear, and move the Power Shift. Sometimes it would engage and move. I had to park it because we got down to -48 in...
  2. Projects
    I have a Clear water pump from Harbor Freight laying around and was thinking I could use it for Ballasting my tractor tires but the directions state "Use on Clear Water Only". Why couldn't it be used on other liquids that has no solid chunks, sand, or other pieces of solid material? Brine is...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Last week I blew a hydraulic line for the front end loader on my Ford 540A tractor. The loader is an aftermarket (but can't think of the manufacturer at the moment.) When the line blew I noticed the fluid had a dark tint to it and the hydraulics don't seem to be working quite as well as the...
1-3 of 3 Results