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  1. Chinese / Grey Market Tractors
    Ok, common problem. Key switch fried. I replaced it and now not even the gauges light up! New Parts: Starter Switch Starter Solinoid Clutch Safety Switch Battery I have voltage to the switch and starter but nothing when I turn the key. Observations: The wiring diagram has two wires on...
  2. Chinese / Grey Market Tractors
    Hi again, I want to add a hydraulic top link to my FarmPro 2420 and was wanting suggestions of brands that are reasonably priced, and also guidance on which controls and connections I would need to get to hook it all up. There is a quick connect in the hydraulic line, so hopefully that will...
  3. Chinese / Grey Market Tractors
    Hello all, I have this Farmpro 2420 tractor and recently rebuilt the hydraulic lift and replaced the hydraulic filter under the seat, hoping to address a slow drop issue. I still have this very slow drop when an implement is attached. I have the adjustment screw in as far as I can without...
1-3 of 3 Results