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  2. Ford / New Holland
    Hi all Greetings from Ireland, We have a Ford 3000 that was left out for 3 years, I only managed to get her in this week. Thankfully I didn't try to start her. First job was to check the oil dip. showed milky oil - hence suspected water in the oil. Checked the Radiator, and no water in the rad...
  3. Troy-Bilt
    my troy bilt 17hp pony lawn tractor won't move when i let out the clutch? it has done that a few times in the past, but only for a few seconds, but now it's more serious. The engine is fine and starts right up but as soon as i engage the clutch it kills it! help please
  4. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Does anyone have a photo of a D1305 motor from the left side (w/starter). I have a hidden oil leak behind the 6" wide frame plate. All the photos of motors out of the tractor are taken from the right side and I do not know what else could be leaking oil on the left. The oil pan is all I can...
  5. Simplicity
    Disregard this post. I reposted it in the Simplicity Lawn Tractor section. Thanks
  6. Kioti
    We recently purchased a brand new Kioti CS2510 mower/tractor. We currently have 10 acres and have only used it enough to be on our third tank of (diesel) fuel. Recently, we were mowing out the highest (4) mowing setting when the engine simply shut down. We were low on fuel. Have refueled. This...
  7. Ford / New Holland
    Guys, I am in the process of re-assembly on my 72 Ford 3000 gas engine rebuild and should have taken more notes LOL. I did not plan on the shop taking as long as it did however I have my block back with new pistons, crank, cam, ect and have the crank installed and the cam in place with the...
  8. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Guys, I am new to opening up a tractor but I understand the technical aspects and do enjoy working on them. I have a 72 Ford 3000 Gas engine that was knocking when at an idle (low end) and started knocking toward the top end as well. I have just purchased the tractor so don't have much history...
  9. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Good Afternoon. Thank you for accepting me into the forum. I have a Bedford MJ truck with a 5.4l Turbo diesel engine. I want to put this into a Fordson Major. Can anyone tell me if it will go straight in or do I need a conversation plate. If so do you know where I can purchase. Many thanks
  10. Projects
    I would like to know if I can put a flywheel with pull start from a 12hp B & S 281707 0028 88* engine to a similar non pull start engine 281707 0411 90*. What other parts might need to be changed over? Any other problems that I might find? Similarly can I swap the whole carb which has...
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    Hey andy: Just wanted to drop a line. The lawn and garden engine section is missing a tecumseh section. Alot of the older Craftsman had these engines on them. If possible, you may want to add that section. Best Regards LEE