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engine problems

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  1. Ford / New Holland
    Hello everyone.... It's with sad news that my Ford 420 industrial with FEL may have seen its last days.:cry::cry::cry: The tractor has plenty of oil. The engine started growling then start shuddering/squealing and intermitten smoking. Then I shut her down. Not too long ago my old battery...
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hallo, I have problem with Deutz Fahr Harvester. It is equpied with SISUDiesel engine with Bosch EDC7 ECU. In cockpit is placed some 3-position POWER SELECTOR. First place set LOW rpm of engine (it is good after turn on engine), Second is MEDIUM rpm and last is FULL RPM (full power for work)...
  3. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Guys, I am new to opening up a tractor but I understand the technical aspects and do enjoy working on them. I have a 72 Ford 3000 Gas engine that was knocking when at an idle (low end) and started knocking toward the top end as well. I have just purchased the tractor so don't have much history...
  4. Ford / New Holland
    My 2009 New Holland won't even crank over. I've checked the seat safety, and the main fuses. the battery is good. It's like the starter won't even engage. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can start to look to fix this? I'm looking to start on the simple to work toward the...
1-4 of 4 Results