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  1. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone. I bought an old Fiat 640, I’m rebuilding the electrical system, but I cannot find the oil pressure switch that turns the red light on and off on the dash, does anyone know where it is located?
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I have a New Holland TL90A and the electronics are totally dead on it. The dash lights and radio won't come on like normal when the key is turned on. the volt meter shows 12 volts on the battery and the monitors that are wired directly to the battery work like normal. I have had issues with the...
  3. Troy-Bilt
    I own a TROY Bilt Squal Snow Thrower with L Series Tecumseh engine (LH195SP) that has no spark. The magneto ignition coil and spark plug check Ok on my tester. I cleaned the contacts and magnets on the fly wheel and set the gap a .0125. Any suggestions besides buy a new one with a Honda engine...
  4. Repair & Technical Discussion
    Tractor runs great, no problem starting. However, instrument panel and headlights don't work. Can't find correct wiring diagram. Also can't find where fuses and fuse links are. We would appreciate help. Thanks!
  5. Massey Harris-Ferguson
    I have a MF 383 that has always been very reliable for me until just recently. I have two different problems. 1 - It is very inconsistent but there are times that the tractor will turn over but not start. Sometimes I can pump the fuel lift pump 4 or 5 times and it will start and other times I...
  6. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I was pushing some brush tops up this afternoon and my mahindra 4025 just died as if I turned the key off. It will turn over but not crank. Sounds like it’s not getting fuel to me. Any suggestions on where to start looking for the problem??
  7. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I got a John deere lx178. It has a problem where it (previously) starts right up, would run anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds, then just shut off like you turned the key, doesn't bog or anything, and then would start again if you turn the key immediately after it shuts itself off. But it's also...
  8. Repair & Technical Discussion
    We turned both sets of lights on and the tractor died. Turned the key back on and the instrument panel came on, but then went out and now nothing will come on! Has anyone else had this problem?
  9. Case / Farmall - International Harvester
    Hello all, First time posting, hoping to get some troubleshooting help with the digital tach on my 1586. It is the style with the multiple push buttons. Right now the digital display works, and all the buttons work. However, the readouts are not right, for instance the tach reads 380 all the...
  10. Mahindra / Lenar
    went to start and it turned over half way and died. Checked all fuses and battery Tried again same thing. Now no glow plug and makes a whining sound when key is on. “Fuel pump ?” Any suggestions. Thanks
  11. Repair & Technical Discussion
    My New Holland LS180 has gotten a new battery a month ago. When the key is inserted into the switch, the lights turn on. But when the key is turned to the on position it won't show lights on the dash. Here is a video of me explaining my issue.
  12. Case / Farmall - International Harvester
    I have a very very nice 574 international gas tractor, it has 1000 original hours on it, it's been in the family since new, I now use it on my farm and just recently had all my hydraulic lines replaced, the other day I went out to use the tractor and it was dead, I've replaced the battery and it...
1-12 of 12 Results