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  1. Operating & General Discussion
    Hi all, First day and first post. I have a New Holland Workmaster 55 where the draft and position levers are VERY hard to move. Does anyone know if there is an adjustment that can be made to loosen them up some? Thanks.
  2. Operating & General Discussion
    On my farmall the 3pt arms raise just fine but they lower so slowly that they are basically unusable. I’ve tried messing with the adjustment next to the right armrest but it makes no difference. Any ideas as to what is causing this issue?
  3. Operating & General Discussion
    Hi all, I have a Fiat 500 (possibly 540 model), and I'm chasing some information about the correct use of the Draft Controls. I have been looking for an instruction manual, or owners manual but have only found the workshop manuals thus far. This tractor is being restored to it's former glory...
1-3 of 3 Results