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  1. Operating & General Discussion
    SAME tractors have Deutz engines in them? (new ones)
  2. Repair & Technical Discussion
    I know Fendt use them and Renault I think. I have heard they are similar to deutz except water cooled?
  3. Buying & Pricing
    I know many people always say how fuel efficient Deutz air-cooled tractors are but I am curious how are they cooling when the air temperature is 30C and above?
  4. Repair & Technical Discussion
    hi there, im new to this site. i just bought an old deutz and it needs to be rewired. is there any wiring diagrams that i can download i have a wire that is hot running off the alt. and trying to wire up some lights. even the fuel gauge doesn't register. not my first tractor. my first deutz. but...
  5. Tractor Photos
    Nothing fancy, just working tractors on the farm. IMG_20200715_095518_2 by RedDirtFarmer posted Jul 21, 2020 at 11:04 AM This is a Same Argon 70. It's 70hp, has a Lambrogini transmission. 24 speeds forward, 16 reverse. An Italian made tractor with a...
1-6 of 6 Results