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  1. John Deere
    Friend just picked up a nice overall John Deere 400. Hydraulic steering and deck lift. When turning to the left from center, the mower deck and 3 point lever moves and the deck and 3 point lowers while turning. Can't find any physical interference so thinking it may a fault be in the hydraulic...
  2. John Deere
    Hi all, Ive got an STX38 model # moostxb139268 and am curious if a Powerflo48 model # gxopfcb301056 will hook up to it? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! W
  3. Yanmar
    All the credit goes to Bob Koerber from Bob had a nice YM1500 and 20 acres to mow. The Ag tires were not the ideal tires to use, but turf tires are. Bob came up with a plan. In his own words from his blog and the re-found pixs. Here are the new rear tires Goodyear 36X13.5X15...
  4. Cut Size Tractors
    John Deere - Yanmar Technical Shop Manual 650 750 TM1242
  5. Cut Size Tractors
    John Deere - Yanmar Technical Shop Manual 850 900H 950 1050 TM1192 This is the preview version. Message me to get the full version. The full version is too big to upload here.
  6. Cut Size Tractors
    John Deere - Yanmar Technical Shop Manual 655 755 855 955 TM1360 June 1996
  7. John Deere
    Seeing that many of the Deere CUTs are Yanmars painted green, here's some help for those that end up loosing the said parts. My Yanmar (and Deere 850.950/1050 others) came with stabilizer-stay chains to begin with. However, after the first year, parts shook-off or vibrated-off to the land of...
  8. Yanmar
    Just when I needed my Yanny the most over the winter, the hydraulic system stopped up. 8-inches of snow and no ability to raise or lower the blade. Even worse, I would select a gear, and move the Power Shift. Sometimes it would engage and move. I had to park it because we got down to -48 in...
  9. Introductions
    Hi all, I am currently near Dayton OH. I've been the USAF for 17 years...3 to go. We bought a farm in MN in '06 and in '07 I found and bought a 1944 JD AW that my grandpa farmed with from 1955-1965. I spend a few hours on it each time I go back to MN on leave. So far I have rebuilt the temp...
1-9 of 9 Results